Dance Classes

African Cardio Fitness/
Afro-house fitness

is a high energy workout that connects the importance of good health, and everyday life dynamic movements of African culture. This workout incorporates African movement taken out of its traditional modes and incorporated into urban contemporary form, without losing the underling meanings of the movement and workout.

African Contemporary

Dance has always had great ritual value in the lives of Humans, when it forms a vital part of our everyday life rituals. The movements are high energy workout, preserved of African aesthetics innovated in contemporary form, that forge a cultural link between the past and present.

Gumboot Dance

was born out of oppression in the gold mines of South Africa. By slapping their gumboots and rattling their ankle chains, the enslaved workers sent messages to each other in the darkness. Gumboot dancing has evolved in an amazing high energy dance form, that celebrate the richness and complexities of South African urban culture, and the creativity of the human spirit.

Other Forms

Pantsula & Kwaito

Pantsula dancing is similar to break  dancing.  It portrays the evolution and influences of South African contemporary culture and celebrates the diversity in South African dance and music genres. It is a spontaneous expression of the way of lives of young men and women in the townships of South Africa and is described as a high energy flat footed African tap-and-glide style of dance.
Work out: endurance, flexibility, cardio, hips, buttocks, thighs, upper body and arm strength.

Zulu Traditional Dance

A traditional dance that originated from the Zulu Nation in South Africa which uses warrior dance training and daily life activities.
This work out is divided into three segments: warm up, introduction of rhythm movements and combinations.
Work out: Upper body strength, stability, flexibility, cardio, abdominal and thighs.

West African Regions

Fusion of styles from various Sub-Sahara regions in African  - Mali, Ghana, Guinea.  This work out is divided into three segments: warm up, introduction of rhythm movements and combinations. Work out: speed, flexibility, cardio, abdominal, core strength, legs, upper and lower back and shoulders, hips, thigh, arms and breathing.

All classes can be adjust to caterer age group between teens 14+ to Adults 

& Seniors 50+. 

We also offers workshops and performances of requested nature. 

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