The arts play an important role in both traditional and contemporary society. However, it is in contemporary society that the function of the arts is more diversified. The arts are created not only for aesthetic purposes,
social rituals, entertainment, and commercial usage, but also as tools to reflect and bring to light the injustices that plague  society. It is also a way of bringing people, communities or special interest groups together to address a particular social issues and concern. Artists are an excellent social animators’ in presenting, reflecting and exposing the strands of history, experiences, traditions and diversity, which knits a community into a distinct entity regardless of the marginalization.


Mafa Dance Village exist to enhance the knowledge and skills to become better social animators in an attempt to break the cultural silence by using dance as a vehicle, to document and tell our stories about the  social issues that impact our lives, but also give opportunities to create 
new memories. 

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