2019     Songs of the Soil

Presented at TEADE 2019 Matanza, Cuba

2017     Lentswe la Setjhaba “Voices of the Land”

The description: see dance and music as important ways inwhich people maintain a sense of self, express self acceptance, find a waythrough complex times 

Commissioned for Contemporaneity edition 1.0 

2016     Songs of the Soil

Curated by DanceImmersion, Footsteps Across Canada 2016 

2014     inspire change take action

dance production that combines various culturalgroupings art forms providing an abundance of cultural wealth and portrays the evolution and influences ofUrban contemporary culture. The works are very uplifting as it gives voice toand celebrate the diversity and the legacy of Nelson Mandela on how hisinfluence on art, music, dance and humanity as tools, to capture and redirectthe attention of youth away from theculture of silence surrounding the unhealthy lifestyle being adopted by many ofthem today. The music uses a range ofmusical styles, which showcases the influences and evolution of urbancontemporary music. The choreography takes the movements out of itstraditional modes and places them into a more contemporary form, without losingthe underling meanings of the movement and reflects the music, in thatit includes Gumboots, Pantsula, Tap, Doun doun drums and Visual Art.

Presented at Body Percussion Festival

2014  Land of mysoil

Victimhoodis a kind of mass delusion that has taken hold of previously, responsiblesector of our culture. We must not negate practice for the sake of theory butthe unity of both. 

20mins, Presented at 20 Dance Immersion present CELEBRATING OUR MAN IN DANCE.

2011 Let me worship my Lord (work in progress)

Dance is a journey from one stage, the earthy/ physical, to another, the spiritual/ celestial. Its aim of worship is to achieve a communion with a powerful but intangible force. Dance serves to bridge the chasm between this world and the other, between the deity and its worshipers. It becomes the anchor point between a high point of human creative perception and the sacred.

Mentor: Danny Grossman
Performer: Mafa Makhubalo

Puo ya Ka "My language"

Being able to speak my language gives me the freedom create, construct, wonder and venture. In order to understand the meaning of dialogical practice we have to put aside the simplistic understanding of dialogue as a mere technique. Dialogue does not represent a somewhat false path that I attempt to elaborate on and realize in the sense of involving the ingenuity of the other. On the contrary dialogue characterizes an epistemological relationship. I engage in a dialogue not because I like the person. I engage in dialogue because I recognize the social and not merely the individual character of the process of knowing. Dialogue presents itself as an indispensable component of the process of both learning and knowing. We must not negate practice for the sake of theory but the unity of both. Victimhood is a kind of mass delusion that has taken hold of previously responsible sector of our culture. Let’s all be involved in the awareness and understanding of Autism. 

Mentor: Danny Grossman
Presented: Ballet Jorgen, This work was a part of the 2010 emerging choreographer solos and duets workshop for studio presented at Ballet Jorgen Canada.
Performer: Sania

Color of my Soul: Red

Colors activate our energies, stimulate our appetites, and Our attraction to them is as basic as the newborn baby's attraction to the nipple, which it depends on for food and survival. Colors also directly affect human emotions, feelings, moods, and behaviors. 

Mentored: Danny Grossman
Presented: Dance Immersion 2010 Showcase Presentation, Fleck Dance Theatre
Performers: Mafa Makhubalo

Africa Unites Me

The journey begins with an interrupted childhood and the story  takes shape as we travel through the emotional struggles that result from extreme violence and finally the desire to heal from the past and the quest for inner peace.  

Mentor: Debbie Wilson
Presented:Guest with OMO Dance Company - 2009 Community Access Program and Dance Ontario Dance Weekend, Fleck Dance Theatre
Performers: Lua Shayanne, Roshanak Jaberi, Mafa Makhubalo

Rites of Passage

If you want to get to where you want to go, you first have to leave where you are.

Presented: Dance Ontario Dance Weekend, Fleck Dance Theatre
Performers: Lua Shayanne, Roshanak Jaberi, Mafa Makhubalo

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